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Become a Sponsor or Donor

Your sponsorship and generosity is critical in the growth and affordability of our program. Affordability prevents over 30% of interested players who don't take part in our organization. Player costs such as tuition, league dues, housing, food and travel areas all paid for by the player. While we strive to keep costs as low as possible the fees still prevent hundreds of players from participating. 

No matter how much you are willing to donate in support of our organization, our league and players are eternally grateful.  Below are our sponsorship/advertising rates for the 2022 year. Auto renewals are available at the same rates for a guaranteed 3 year period.  Click on our advertising brochure to see what we have to offer in return for your sponsorship or donation.  Those who donate  $100-499 will receive a signed team baseball, a team jersey, and a listing on one of our team's homepages. 

While we know supporting our student and professional athletes are why you chose to donate, the above donation levels do come with marketing and advertising benefits. Please read our sponsorship brochure for detailed information on what we provide with each donation. 

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